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Welcome to the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District

Home of the Thomas Square Neighborhood Association


Who We Are

The Thomas Square Neighborhood Association’s purpose is to preserve, protect, and promote the common good of residents and businesses in the district, and to preserve the historic integrity and resources of the area.  We strive to create a safe environment and promote growth and sustainability for everyone. 

What People Are Saying

“The Starland Historic District in Savannah, [sic Thomas Square] has all the calling cards of a dream neighborhood, from historic architecture to great dining and happening nightspots. It makes a statement, even in a city like Savannah, with its supercharged wow factor. If you think you've moved for the last time, visit Starland with caution. You'll be tempted to pull up stakes.”

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Neighborhood Events


What We Provide

Working as a community to keep Thomas Square beautiful, safe and together...



The Thomas Square Neighborhood Association is committed to partnering with local businesses and organizations in our community. If you are interesting in working together please fill out the form below and start the conversation today!

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Let's Get Social

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