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Initiatives & Services

Our purpose is to preserve, protect, and promote the common good of residents and businesses in the district, and to preserve the historic integrity and resources of the area through our various community initiatives and services.

Our Initiatives

Although we focus on many varying initiatives depending on the needs of our community, we consistently work to achieve progress in several key areas of focus as outlined below. 

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Keep Thomas Square Beautiful

Focusing on litter collection & neighborhood beautification efforts.

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Keep Thomas Square

Focusing on pedestrian safety and anti-crime efforts.


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Keep Thomas Square Together

Focusing on effective communication and community building efforts.

How We Can Be of Service

A neighborhood association has many benefits for its residents and the community as a whole. Here's a overview of how we seek to be of service to our neighborhood.

Building Community & Respect

Unlike HOAs, whose membership is made up of homeowners in a development, neighborhood associations encourage homeowners, renters, businesses, schools, and churches to participate. This more inclusive structure builds bonds within the community, allowing issues and concerns to be addressed with knowledge of the neighborhood’s varied needs and perspectives. Fun Fact: Studies show knowing your neighbors has the potential to positively impact your mental health and well-being. Having a neighbor who you can turn to with an immediate need or who you know will watch over your house when you’re away increases a sense of security at home. And when you know your neighbors, you’re more likely to respect the neighborhood. A neighborhood association can help to build a foundation of respect and awareness of neighbors, leading to a greater sense of community and the assurance that someone has your back.

Giving Neighborhood Residents A Voice

Another key purpose of neighborhood associations is to faciliate a forum for members of the neighborhood association to agree upon issues, then take those issues to local government acting as a voice for the community. As an organization we are in regular contact with local government officials, such as our City Council representative.   Due to this regular dialogue we contribute more “eyes and ears” to our local government officials -- helping them track real-time events and issues, organize neighborhood cleanups, raise zoning issues, and most importantly keeping our local government representatives connected to the concerns of our neighborhood residents.

Addressing Targeted Concerns & Issues

Whether you’re concerned about litter along our streets or you want to organize regular neighborhood social events, as a neighborhood association we can help address targeted concerns and issues. We host monthly meetings that are open to the public which provide a forum for folks to share information that pertains to our neighborhood from questions, concerns, and many other helpful topics. ​ By providing a space to bring up concerns and discuss solutions, it can help make the neighborhood a better place for all.

Improving Neighborhood Life

At the end of the day it's our hope that our collective benefits add up to ultimately improve neighborhood life overall. From keeping the parks and streets clean and safe to organizing social events, we strive to improve the quality of life for you and your neighbors. However, we cannot do this alone. If you are a resident of the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District please consider joining as a member of the TSNA. With every member we add our collective voice becomes stronger and we are able to achieve even more for our community.

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Recurring Events

The TSNA hosts regular events to help  further our mission in the community. Some of our mainstay events are listed below. For our current events calendar click here.

Community Litter Pickups

Volunteers participate in neighborhood litter clean ups on a regular basis to help keep our neighborhood beautiful. To enquire about joining our next community litter pickup event click here.

Monthly Membership Meetings

The TSNA hosts a monthly meeting for our members. While we have agenda items each meeting, this is a opportunity for our residents to come and meet with us and share any questions, concerns or announcements. Dates for upcoming meetings are listed on our events calendar here.

Movies in the Thomas Square Park

The TSNA partners with the city of Savannah to host a free outdoor movie night in Thomas Square park. Details of our next movie night will be posted on our events calendar here.

Community Social Events

We routinely host social events for our members to further our goal of creating connections  with our neighbors and local business leaders. For upcoming  events please check our events calendar here.

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