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Keep Thomas Square Beautiful

The Thomas Square Neighborhood Association is passionate about preserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural beauty of our historic neighborhood. We strive to encourage our community to take pride in our beautiful natural surroundings through two main initiatives: Garbage/Litter to clean up our surroundings and our Green Up! initiative to enhance the beauty of our neighborhood. 

Garbage & Litter Initiative Key Areas of Focus
  • ​Increasing the number of public trash cans

  • Increasing garbage collection frequency in public spaces

  • Hosting regular community litter pickup events

  • Educating our community on recycling and trash disposal

Green Up! Initiative Key Areas of Focus
  • Partner with our community and local city officials to promote planting of trees along "tree lawn" areas

  • Advocate for improvements to Thomas Square Park 

  • Advocate for improvements to Wells Park

  • Partner with local businesses, city officials, and community organizations to donate plants, trees, and landscaping services to encourage residents to add low maintenance, sustainable, plants to their property  

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