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Keep Thomas Square Safe

The Thomas Square Neighborhood Association is committed to protecting the safety of the residents in our historic neighborhood. We work to encourage our community to promote a safe environment through two main initiatives: Our Pedestrians First initiative which focuses on the safety of our residents on foot and our Anti-Crime initiative which seeks to reduce crime in our community. 

Pedestrians First Initiative Key Areas of Focus
  • Partner with city officials to participate in the Vision Zero plan  ​

  • Advocate for more pedestrian first signage 

  • Advocate for reduced speed limits and steeper penalties for speeding in a calming zone 

  • Partner with city officials to add additional bike lanes

  • Educate residents on proper pet protocols from leash use to pet waste clean up.

  • Work with city officials to enhance street areas with poor lighting

Anti-Crime Initiative Key Areas of Focus
  • Enhance community safety through neighborhood meet and greets to familiarize residents with neighbors, etc

  • Host "Love Your Neighbor" events to help neighbors install safety equipment such as locks, cameras, etc.

  • Partner with local police and fire officials to create more routine and regular dialog with our community

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